1 min read

Self-Exploration: The Executive Timeline

Take a couple of hours to sketch a timeline and write your autobiography, focusing on your highs and lows over time. What was meaningful for you about the highs? Which strengths and talents made each achievement possible? How can you use those strengths and talents more today? And what lessons did you learn from the lows? Are you still applying those lessons?


1 min read

80% of Turnover is Due to Bad Hires

...but the costs go beyond just cash: lost productivity, lost time and productivity while hiring and training a replacement, negative impacts on employee morale and engagement, etc.


2 min read

Identify and Practice Your Values and Strengths

Knowing your strengths and values is the first step toward being your best self and increasing your personal satisfaction and happiness. Take ten minutes to take this free "Character Strengths" survey ( and read your free report, focusing on your top 6 strengths/values. How are you using these today in your professional and personal life? How could you use them more to achieve even greater success?