80% of Turnover is Due to Bad Hires

...but the costs go beyond just cash: lost productivity, lost time and productivity while hiring and training a replacement, negative impacts on employee morale and engagement, etc.

Too many companies and hiring managers hire inefficiently and based on unconscious biases - "I like this person because they have the same background as me, and resemble the last person in the job", etc. Why do companies continue going through the tedious, mistake-prone process of sifting through hundreds of random of resumes, hours of interviews, and making decisions based on "gut feel"?

Instead, the key is to benchmark the job not the person, and then match the person to the job. Job benchmarking includes not just educational background and work experience, but a much more accurate description of the job's key accountabilities and success metrics, along with the soft skills and personality traits (behaviors, motivations, etc.) that the job requires - and the benchmark is based not on how the job is done today but on how it should be performed in the future.

I am expert in using a proprietary job benchmarking and people matching process to assist companies in efficiently identifying, hiring, and onboarding the "right" person. Speak with me if you want to dramatically improve your hiring success.

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