David Shepard, your Executive Coach with a difference.

I’m for the

The innovators, the team leaders, the hiring managers. The frustrated ones. The challenged ones. The exhausted ones. The ones who believe there’s a better way.

How can I help?

I’m David Shepard,
your Executive Coach.
With a difference.

Insider view

Most of my 35 year career was spent working and leading from the inside. I’ve experienced the challenges of identifying and fostering organizational and process changes. I’ve managed large-scale, global product development projects. I’ve been that leader taking over a team that needed direction and cohesion. I’ve helped team leaders and HR managers avoid costly mistakes in hiring decisions. I know your world. I know I can help you.

Self-understanding drives success

Identifying your unique talents, motivations, behavioral and communications styles – and your personal purpose in life – is foundational to increasing your performance and happiness. Knowing how to leverage your strengths will improve your decision-making, emotional IQ, and your ability to transform yourself and grow your organization. My clients find the process of self-discovery to be engaging - even joyful at times!

Universal business challenges

My prior career as a senior executive in Financial Technology – including as a Global Product Development executive at Visa – provided me with a wealth of experience in leading innovation and technology projects. But I’ve also worked in other industries, including heath care, food & beverage, non-profits, and with several start-ups. Whatever your current challenge or goal might be, I’ve likely faced similar situations and will know the right questions to ask to help you identify how to find success.

A coach, partner and advocate.

A coach, partner
and advocate.

As my client, you’ll be at the center of our coaching relationship. I will honor the reason you have come to me and I will listen attentively and with curiosity, while asking provocative questions that will help you discover your truths and your path forward.

I’ve always maintained an abiding belief in my colleagues and my clients’ abilities. I am their advocate. I know it’s not a lack of intellect or desire to succeed. With my own teams, it was often an organizational legacy issue, and with my clients it’s often unconscious habituated behaviors that are blocking the way forward. That’s where I come in.

For you
Executive and leadership coaching

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to re-assess your career path? Or you’re feeling unmotivated and undervalued in your current job? You want to know how to re-energize your career and earning potential.

I can help

For your team
Coaching that accelerates delivery

You’ve taken over a team facing a major change in priorities. You sense a lack of cohesion and enthusiasm, but know from experience that those one-off team building off-sites, while fun, don’t actually work. You want to transform your team and deliver real business results.

I can help

For critical hires
Benchmarking for success

You’re faced with an important hiring decision. Imagine you had the ability to identify the soft skills required for the job and whether the candidates’ behaviors, motivations, and thought processes are a match?

I can help

Invitation to a complimentary coaching session

If you’re here, chances are you’re considering working with an executive coach. How about testing the water with a complimentary 30 minute session?

During our conversation, we’ll begin to identify your goals and the path to achieving them. It’s a valuable exercise no matter what and, if it’s a mutual fit, we’ll discuss next steps to working together!


David is an excellent example of a modern day life coach. He is an exceptional communicator and brings to the table a broad range of experiences. The sessions with David really assisted me in my own professional growth as well as my personal life. I would be delighted to work with David in the future.”

David Browne,
Dublin, Ireland

I had the pleasure of being coached by David which I found to be highly beneficial. He had a natural style which, coupled with his broad ranging experience, brought great authenticity to our sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending David as a Coach and I will certainly return to him in future when required.”

Martin Ryan,
JOC Director at Defense Forces Ireland