Team coaching for groups.

Is your existing team facing a new set of challenges and lacks a clear understanding of how to surmount them? Or perhaps you’ve a general sense that your team has become a little stale and is underperforming?

I use the proven Team Advantage™ program that adopts the principles of sport and play to catalyze teams to achieve meaningful, awesome business goals while transforming the team leader and the team. Team Advantage™ works equally well with teams at all levels, from corporate boards down to dedicated project teams, and normally runs about 16 weeks.

With one key difference to one-off team building and communication exercises. My approach minimizes disruption while increasing your team’s delivery velocity. During the Team Advantage™ program, the team chooses their most important goal and, with my help, they actually accomplish the business goal – faster, better, and with more enjoyment than they would have thought possible. Alongside improving team communication and cohesion. It’s a win win.

My coaching areas

Global/work from home
Collective purpose
Learning culture
Agile/design thinking
Conflict management
Stakeholder management


Your A-team

My Team Advantage™ program:

  • Helps the team select and achieve an extraordinary goal and “name their game”, and then energizes the team as they celebrate “scoring points” by achieving milestones
  • Builds trust, engagement, collaboration, communication, and sustained team learning
  • Provides team leader coaching and coaching of individual team members as needed throughout the program
  • Delivers real business results and a team that is passionate about their shared purpose and vision.

For you
Executive and leadership coaching

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to re-assess your career path? Or you’re feeling unmotivated and undervalued in your current job? You want to know how to re-energize your career and earning potential.

I can help

For your team
Coaching that accelerates delivery

You’ve taken over a team facing a major change in priorities. You sense a lack of cohesion and enthusiasm, but know from experience that those one-off team building off-sites, while fun, don’t actually work. You want to transform your team and deliver real business results.

I can help

For critical hires
Benchmarking for success

You’re faced with an important hiring decision. Imagine you had the ability to identify the soft skills required for the job and whether the candidates’ behaviors, motivations, and thought processes are a match?

I can help

Invitation to a complimentary coaching session

If you’re here, chances are you’re considering working with an executive coach. How about testing the water with a complimentary 30 minute session?

During our conversation, we’ll begin to identify your goals and the path to achieving them. It’s a valuable exercise no matter what and, if it’s a mutual fit, we’ll discuss next steps to working together!